We thought our server might have been dead and needed replaced, we had not backed up in like 2 months. Data Backup is important, we realize that now. I am so happy to have everything back to the way it was though, close call. We can’t believe we found someone to call when these issues come up.
Robert Baker

I was so scared when that program was telling me that our company computer was infected like that. I didn’t know what to do so we called from your ad. Thank you for taking care of us right away, that was fast. My Files are fine and that is what I was really concerned with. Thank You!

Brenda Chestnut

I appreciate you taking the time to go to every store and make sure our equipment was able to be upgraded. We saved so much money doing it this way. Thank you for not pushing new computers on us and for telling us up-front what our best options were for each location. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with BeSecure Networks. Great service is hard to find, trust me.

Jeff Taylor

I recommend BeSecure Networks to everyone. They really are experts at what they do. They always provide immediate support for us and the problem is solved today not next week like our old IT firm.

Annette Eyer