Barracuda Email

Barracuda Email

Block spam, malware, and zero-day threats with Barracuda Email Protection

Barracuda uses advanced techniques to detect known spam and malware. It also provides email continuity, along with outbound filtering and encryption, to prevent data loss.

Built-in Advanced Threat Protection uses payload analysis and sandboxing to discover zero-day malware. Link protection redirects suspicious and typo-squatted URLs, and web security blocks access to malicious web domains to prevent recipients from downloading malware inadvertently.

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Contact us for free scan of your Microsoft 365 account and get a personalized report on advanced threats that are already in your account and would have been prevented
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Cloud to Cloud Backup with Barracuda

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is an easy-to-use cloud-first solution that provides comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable backup and recovery for your Microsoft 365 data. Backups include Teams, Exchange Online Email, SharePoint, OneDrive and OneNote.

Included with your Barracuda Spam Email Protection Plan!