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  • Decrease your TCO Eliminate many of the costs related to building and maintaining a data center or co-location deployment. Pay for only the resources you consume.
  • Reduce complexity Reduce the need to manage infrastructure, investigate licensing issues, or divert resources
  • Adjust capacity on the fly Add or reduce resources, depending on seasonal business needs, using infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and broadly accessible.
  • Reduce time to market Deploy applications across multiple geographic areas.
  • Deploy quickly, even worldwide Deploy applications across multiple geographic areas.
  • Increase efficiencies Use automation to reduce or eliminate IT management activities that waste time and resources.
  • Innovate more Spin up a new server and try out an idea. Each project moves through the funnel more quickly because the cloud makes it faster (and cheaper) to deploy, test, and launch new products and services.
  • Spend your resources strategically Switch to a DevOps model to free your IT staff from operations and maintenance that can be handled by the cloud services provider.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enhance security Spend less time conducting security reviews on infrastructure. Mature cloud providers have teams of people who focus on security, offering best practices to ensure you’re compliant, no matter what your industry.

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