Besecure Networking

BeSecure Networks is here to help with your networking needs in a variety of ways. We want you to focus on your business goals without the need or cost of a Full Time IT Department.

This will guarantee you up-time so your organization can focus on its main goals knowing your technology will be there for you, working, and secure at all times.

Every business is different. We are also happy to help with any current issues as they arise. We are here to be your full-time on-call IT department without the cost!


We can plan and design a network for you or upgrade and manage an existing one. We utilize HP ProCurve & Cisco switches and routers as our Hardware of choice. The choice of switches starts with if you need to be managed functionality or not. We then go to features and prices to come up with a solution that meets your needs. When we come on-site we will go over your current network and equipment and make our recommendations for you.

We like to utilize your existing technology when possible and we are very budget conscious. With open-source technology so freely available, our services can usually be utilized with your current hardware. If not, we will let you know what it will take to accomplish your business objectives.


  • Peace of mind: 24x7x365 monitoring of every device on your network, no more problems when you arrive in the morning.
  • Single point of contact: One company to deal with all IT issues. No more calling other vendors and internet providers.
  • Expert IT Professionals: We have seen it all in this business and have the answers for almost everything.
  • Known Cost at Fixed Price: It’s easier to budget each year when you know your IT spending amount up front.
  • No Training Costs: Training employees can be very expensive, our expert engineers are always up on the latest trends when it comes to technology.
  • No Vacation: With employees this is inevitable. With BeSecure Networks you are covered at all times, 24x7x365.
  • Mobility: We can be at many places at one time; an IT staff does not have this benefit.