About Us

About BeSecure Networks

Your Personal Full-Time “IT” Information Technology Department

BeSecure Networks offers many IT benefits at no additional cost to all of our clients. Paying a monthly fee for service? Give us a call!

Founded in 2009, BeSecure Networks offers your business a full-time IT department without any of the full-time costs. Your computers, network, servers, and office equipment is all fully managed and secure without any managed service cost!

Need a robust CRM for Sales & Finance?
We offer Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your business operations. Contact us for a free consultation and let us show you how other clients have vastly improved their workflow.

Office 365


  • Loaner PCs, Laptops, Switches, Equipment

No Downtime for Employees!

  • Remote Software for your Computers & Servers

Instant support when needed, we are here anytime!

  • Hardware/Software discounts from our vendors

We pass along the savings to you!

  • No after-hours, weekend, and/or holiday rates either!

We are here anytime

  • We work around your business

We strive for minimum employee disruption.

  • Liaison with third-party vendors

Expert with systems integration and support.

  • Very Budget Conscious!

We make sure you never overspend on your technology!

Some Popular Services…

  • Office 365 – Work from Virtually Anywhere. Be productive on the go.
    • Rich client access via Office applications on PCs and Macs.
    • View and edit documents with Office Web Apps across a broad range of browsers
    • Access your email from most browsers with Outlook Web App.
    • Access mail, contacts, calendar, and SharePoint® sites from mobile devices including Windows® Phones, Nokia, Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.
  • VoIP Installs – Phone companies still charge ridiculous rates. Reliable & Clear quality service with so much money being saved! We have been doing many transitions and can easily give you an ROI number unique to your business. Let us show you the many benefits of switching from the phone company immediately!
  • Employee Web Control – Manage websites, access times, sites visited, etc. This is a must for any business as research has shown that employees spend countless hours on non-business activities even when they are not suspected of doing so. Protect your business with safeguards and you can be as strict or liberal as you like.