Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Everyday… Malware & Viruses, Trojans & Worms, and Fake-Anti-Virus Programs are causing serious problems and disrupting business and our personal computers as well.

If you are ever prompted for credit card info, you are most likely infected in some way.

Please, DO NOT enter your credit card information.

The most common infection we are seeing right now is the Fake Anti-Virus Programs. If you have pop-up windows on your computer and it mentions some form of 20** Anti-Virus or Firewall Scan, etc.. and it says you are infected every second, do you want to activate/scan… this is the most common type found.

If you see anything similar as mentioned above… Shut down your computer and give us a call right away at 717.620.9295: The problems can get worse if not removed right away and you continue to still use the computer.

These programs will trick you into thinking you are infected by looking like a real Anti-Virus program and it looks like it is scanning your computer. It will also say it is finding a virus every second, this is of course false/not true and is just a fake program…

This is to try to scare you into buying something that you will not need. They may also try to block your access to the internet and try to steal any credit card information you may have entered, so you must be very careful with your computer when you see anything you feel is not right, call us just to be safe if you are not sure.

We are here to help, give us a call and let us know what happened. We see this every day and we understand how frustrating this can be. We will have you back to normal in about an hour.

  • Below are 6 picture examples of different Fake-Anti-Virus Program

As you can see, they look similar but there are thousands of different versions and they are changing each day. Give us a call, we are here to help you get rid of this infection.