PC Support

PC Support

We are currently offering New Dell Computers at Cost for our clients who want to upgrade.

Give us a call and we can give you current pricing and recommendation on which Dell Models to choose.


  • Loaner PCs & Equipment are available at no cost
  • Remote Software included – support anytime you need
  • After-hours & weekend support at no extra charge
  • Many other benefits include free education, phone support, etc.


On-Site Business PC Support for any Computer, Server, and/or Network issue today!

BeSecure Networks is Central PA’s #1 Business IT Partner located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Computer running slow or has Internet Connection issues? We are here to help no matter what the issue may be. Give us a call for your personal IT support technician to come on-site and remedy the problem immediately.

Did the computer crash? We always back up your data and can most likely retrieve your personal files, photos, music, and business documents from your hard drive if it has failed.

We believe in educating you along the way… the internet is becoming more and more about hacking, spam, and cyber crimes so you really need to be prepared moving forward as it, unfortunately, seems to only be getting worse.


BeSecure Networks will transfer everything from your old computer, don’t worry. Below are a few items that will be completed, we offer you service based on your situation as each is different.

Upgrade to Windows 10 now if you have not done so yet…

  • Transfer all of your data – Files, Photos, Music, Videos, Settings
  • Apply all Windows, Microsoft, Office & Program Updates
  • Setup Security – Firewall, Anti-Virus & Malware Software
  • Install 3rd Party Programs & Business Applications
  • Setup System Restore & additional tweaks for peak performance

We always make sure your computer is secure. Give us a call for more information or questions about your new computer. If you are just shopping, we are happy to give our recommendations on your options.

Windows updates are a must and are very important. They must be applied when available and Microsoft usually releases new updates on the first Tuesdays of the month. Most of these updates are security related and can prevent a major disaster. This may fix a vulnerability as someone has found a way to get around the operating system or another 3rd party program such as Adobe or Java. Security is our top concern and always will be.

Better Security, Better Performance. Peace of mind with BeSecure Networks. See why it’s the last call for technology you will ever make!

Computers are just like a car, they need maintenance to operate efficiently. Just as your car needs an oil change, your computer needs a tune-up a few times a year.



We are here to help in any way possible. BeSecure Networks hosts a number of different training classes. Working with us, there will always be training involved as we like to explain what we are doing while on-site. We like you to be informed of your technology and understand how to use it effectively.

We teach a variety of subjects from our basic Computer, Email & Internet to advanced classes such as Building a Website. Please let us know what you want to learn, we have a program for you even if you never touched a computer before.


We will show you how to use your software and basic PC skills if needed. If you have never touched a computer before, that is fine. We are here to help you learn! We will go over navigating Windows or a Mac Operating System with you. We will also show you how to connect devices and use them as well. We will review Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We will show you how to use Outlook for your email. We will go over safe and effective web browsing and searching. We will also advise on best security practices and show you how to burn your own CDs and DVD and use your music library. We will go over any topics that you wish to cover if you let us know ahead of time.

Social Media – Stay connected, upload pictures, and make new contacts. BeSecure Networks will show you how to set everything up and utilize social media for Business.