New Clients will recevie a free 32GB BeSecure Networks USB Drive with your 1st Service call.

This credit card sized backup will help keep your data safe until we have a long term backup solution in place, we don't take chances with your data!

Existing customers may also request a USB Drive.

BeSecure USB Drive 32GB

BeSecure Networks

Networking - Computer Support - Web Design

BeSecure Networks is your Full Time IT Department.  717.620.9295

We offer Business Information Technology "IT" Service & Support in the Central Pennsylvania area.

BeSecure Networks offers a range of services including: network troubleshooting & support, wireless deployment & setup, computer repair and a range of different business IT services in the Mechanicsburg, PA area. We manage office computers so you can focus on what is important, running your business!

We are experts in Business IT Security and Computer Networking Solutions. When it comes to technology projects, we do it all!

We focus on key features that help you run a profitable and successful business. We will go over your current technology and show you ways that you can improve your business. We will show you with the right tools, time and money can be easily saved.

Your Personal "IT" Department

Save money : Upgrade Your existing Technology

BeSecure Networks will save you money by utilizing your existing technology along with commercial and/or open source solutions that we customize and integrate into your organization to meet your company needs and business objectives.

You may be shocked at the cost savings some companies are missing out on by using only commercial driven methods that are overpriced. You can now accomplish large corporation type features with very little investment.

No one reinvents the wheel anymore but we still see it all the time, not at BeSecure Networks!

Trust Us! Give us 30 minutes of your time and let us show you how BeSecure Networks will transform your business like never before!

We save you and the company money by using your existing technology with custom developed open source software to accomplish the same goals at a fraction of the cost. We will always be honest with you and let you know when that is not possible for your business or if there is a better commercial solution available.

Our goal is to help your business grown without worrying about your "IT" Department. Why pay extra money for new equipment if your equipment can be upgraded, made current, and extend the shelf life with better performance and security. We are here to help you save money and grow your business along the way. This is what makes us unique in the industry.

Let us come on-site and take a look at your existing technology. We listen to what you want to do and offer a range of solutions that will benefit you and your company. This mutual partnership is what has made us successful and we will continue to do so for our valued clients. Thank you and we look forwarding to meeting with you soon.