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A recent study by the security firm, Trust Digital, shows that data from previous owners can be easily retrieved from used phones acquired through sites such as eBay. Resetting a phone, a popular practice among sellers, appears to erase data. But this data can be resurrected using specialized yet inexpensive software found on the Internet.

Business Customers need to better manage their employees Mobile & Tablets Technology as the data on these devices can be devastating in the wrong hands. This can happen from a lost phone or one that is hacked. A mobile device is easy to get into if it is located on the same network of someone who knows what they are doing. This is very scary as we all know what type of information we carry on our mobile devices.

    BeSecure Networks makes sure that even if a phone is lost/stolen, this is not a problem!

    We have strict policies that we recommend for Mobile Security which does not compromise performance. Some of the features you will benefit from are listed below.

    Benefits save Time & Money for Your Business

    • Corporate Email, Calendar, Tasks, & Contacts - All in one place
    • Edit Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc. - Most Documents
    • Monitor your Security Cameras from anywhere in the World
    • Check Inventory and Accept Credit Cards on the Road
    • Tethering & Wi-Fi Hotspots (Sharing Internet Connections) - Saves Money
    • Integration with your Current Phone Switch - PBX System : No More Phone Bills
    • Video Conferencing, Host Webinars at any time, no matter where you are

    More people will own "Smart Phones"

    Smart Phones are going to overtake the number of PC's that we all own by the year 2012 according to some research. The demand is very high for this type of technology right now and we are on the cutting edge.

    You will be amazed at what our customized solutions will accomplish with very little cost associated. If you didn't budget for it, no problem. Most of the time the software is free.

    The most common benefits should be obvious such as Email & Internet on the go, Editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files, and Video Conferencing. But there is so much more...

    The future is the Smartphone and Tablets, they really can do everything!

    Mobiles and tablets: A new Security threat to the business world - Answers/Solutions

    With only hours left before his flight home to the US from Germany, businessman John Mueller suddenly realized something was wrong - very wrong. He couldn't find his phone.

    And for a global sales manager of a big biotechnology company, Life-Tech, losing his Blackberry was more than just getting disconnected from a few friends.

    "I use the same phone for both business and for personal calls," says Mr Mueller, remembering that day. "It stores my most valuable contact information, ranging from my wife and children to my boss and top customers, to keep up-to-date and in touch.

    With little time left, he remembered he had downloaded an application called Lookout mobile security that promised to retrieve the phone if it went missing.

    Developed by a California-based mobile security company, the software also guaranteed protection from viruses and hackers, and remote wiping of all data in case of theft or loss.

    "I was not hopeful it would work but was willing to try anything, so I logged on with my laptop and pressed the 'find phone' button.

    "It started with a map of the US, and within a minute I had an icon of my phone on a map of some German street names, in an area around my hotel."

    Mr Mueller jumped into a cab, reached the place shown on the map and even convinced the German-speaking driver to help him explain why he was suddenly knocking on people's doors.

    The second person to open their door was a manager of a taxi company - and everything cabbies found, they brought to him. He gave Mr Mueller his phone back.

    This is one example of why Security is so important, John was lucky this time that he had the technology to help him retrieve his phone. Here at BeSecure Networks we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to computing, mobile platform & security and we can show you best practice for your business environment.

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