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Kaspersky just released a new product that will allow you to configure employee internet usage and the applications they may install and access. On top of #1 Ranked Anti-Virus/Malware, Kaspersky now offers protection for every part of your network.

Kaspersky Labs provides protection at every level of the network. Full-scale, flexible solutions allow you to select your desired level of protection and the point on the network where you need it most.

Customize a solution to meet the needs of your current environment knowing Kaspersky is fully scalable to meet the future needs of your organization.

Kaspersky also has one of the lowest footprints in the industry. This means it takes a very small amount of processing power (RAM) on your computers to run vs. other Anti-Virus Solutions like Norton, which has a much bigger footprint.

Kaspersky Small Office Security
Kaspersky's Small Office Security Suite is unmatched in the industry and is a perfect fit for any business. Kaspersky is much more than just Anti-Virus Software and has built in features that will vastly improve your Company's Security & Employee Productivity.

  • Real-time protection against all Internet threats
  • Manage Employees Web Usage - Improve Productivity
  • Secures all your PCs and Servers from one PC
  • Protects Business Data with Backup and Encryption
  • Blocks hacker attacks with two-way Firewall
  • Keeps systems running smoothly and securely
  • Free Technical Support

    Key Features - Small Office Security

      PC and Server Protection PC and Server Protection
    • Real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, key loggers, and more
    • Proactive detection seeks out suspicious behavior on your systems and blocks dangerous actions before they can cause any harm
    • Small, frequent updates and cloud-enabled scans protect your business from known and emerging Internet threats
    • Intelligent scanning delivers maximum PC performance
    • Robust Anti-Spam protection filters dangerous and unwanted emails
      Central Management from One PC Central Management from One PC
    • Conveniently view and manage the security of all your PCs and servers
    • Run all scans, updates, and backups for your entire office network
    • Remotely manage your employees' web-use
    • Update the Kaspersky Small Office Security license on all your PCs and servers
    • Use one PC as an update server for your entire office network
      PC and Server Protection Employee Web-Use Management
    • Conveniently manage your employees' access to the Internet from one PC
    • Control access to PCs, the Internet, applications, games, websites, IM, and social networking
    • Ensure your PCs are used only for business-related activities, and prevent distractions during the workday
    • Easily generate customized reports for all PC and server activity
      PC and Server Protection Data Protection
    • Protect your business data against theft, loss, and corruption
    • Ensure compliance with your backup policy by scheduling automatic, password-protected backup for all your PCs and servers
    • Create secure, encrypted file "vaults" to store and transfer sensitive data via email or USB drive
    • File Shredder irreversibly wipe files off of your systems so they can't be recovered, reconstructed, or stolen
      PC and Server Protection Additional Tools
    • Password Manager ensures the security of your business and employee passwords and logins, and generates distinct, strong passwords for your accounts
    • PC clean-up tools keep your systems running smoothly and securely by deleting unnecessary temp and log files, registry entries, browser and application caches, and Recycle Bin content
    • Rescue CD cleans PCs of malware and restores system settings even if the Operating System has been damaged

    For our Corporate & Enterprise Customers

    BeSecure Networks Installs Kaspersky Open Space Security Products

    Why Open Space Security?
    Kaspersky Open Space Security meets and exceeds core requirements for comprehensive endpoint protection of corporate networks:

  • A solution for all network nodes and platforms
  • Protection against all types of Internet threats
  • Rapid response
  • Proactive technologies backed by traditional signature-based protection
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security provides security on the move:
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security provides security on the move:

  • Protection for laptops everywhere – in the office, at home and on the move
  • Protection for returning and/or guest computers
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security successfully counters new attempts by cyber criminals to attack networks and block protection:

  • Anti-rootkit technology
  • Protection from identity theft
  • Rollback of changes made by malicious software
  • Self-defense against attacks by malware
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security diminishes total cost of ownership by providing simple, transparent administration and efficient performance:

  • Centralized administration
  • Compatibility with third party solutions
  • Efficient use of network resources

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    Kaspersky Open Space - Features Diagram

    Home Users:

    We recommend that you contact us so that we can install Kaspersky 2012 Anti-Virus for top security of your computer.

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the best way to go as you need to make sure your definition files are up to date at all times.

    Please note, most of these free Anti-Virus Programs require you to update the definitions manually by clicking update every day or so.

    *Tip : Having more than one Anti-Virus Program installed on your computer is not good practice and can interfere with other programs.

    If you have more than one installed, please un-install one of them or contact us for further assistance.